Vielleicht ist folgender Weblog den meisten der hier Mitlesenden bekannt, aber für mich war er neu:

Filmbrain [Link gefunden bei The Reading Experience]

Filmbrain hat gerade eine neue Reihe, "Forgotten Gems of the 70's", begonnen. Bisher gibt es davon zwei Teile:

Peter Yates' "John And Mary"
Robert Altmans "A Wedding"

Ein Detail aus der filmhistorischen Peripherie: Laut Don Preston soll Frank Zappas Film Uncle Meat ursprünglich als Parodie auf "John and Mary" begonnen haben.


Libeskind on Film

"The movie is a testament to the visual power of film. I watched it without any knowledge of the English language - I didn't speak a single word. It didn't matter. The dramatic images set the stage; the faces and expressions were enough to create dialogue. Suddenly I wanted desperately to learn English - I wanted to know whether what I had imagined was indeed what was spoken in the film. I know now that it didn't matter. The visual grandeur of the film was exaggerated not only because of the overwhelming size of the screen, but because it was the first time I ever saw colour in a moving image. I still vividly remember the blue-green sofa in the spy's house, the unimaginable red of the blood and the transcendental blue of the cloudless American sky."

Über North by Northwest, nach der Ankunft in New York als Junge zum ersten Mal gesehen, und andere Filme, die er für das Londoner Barbican zusammengestellt hat, schreibt Daniel Libeskind im vorgestrigen Guardian.