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April 24, 2005

Come and Play With Us, Lex Animata In Aeternum!

Last week I went to see the Stanley Kubrick exhibition at the Martin-Gropius-Bau. It was totally superficial, like here's-some-stills-from-
the-poster-here's-some-more-props etc. I learned just about nothing at all. (Except that Kubrick would have filmed "The Aryan Papers" if Stupid Spielberg hadn't done that thoroughly awful "Schindler's List" at about the same time. "Aryan Papers" could have been a good movie as opposed to "Eyes Wide Shut", darn it.) However, some of the original props had a high fetishistic value for me. Especially in the "Shining" section: the knife Shelley Duvall stumbled around with through the second half of the film and particularly the costumes of the Grady twins gave me faintly Roman Catholic real presence vibes. I toy with the idea that if poop Ratzinger should ever dress up as the Grady twins, I might accept him into my heart of hearts.


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