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October 16, 2005

Uns Ist In Alten Mæren Wunders Vil Geseit

I have watched "Sin City" recently. Generally, the schematic black-and-white images with strong contrasts are kind of nice, but the style seems to work much better in the comic itself. I have the same criticism with this as with "Immortal", basically: why all the work which keeps armies of people busy for bloody years, if all you do is imitate another medium which does the job better at much lower cost? (Yeah, I know the answer is "big bucks", but anyway.) If I just ignore that problem for the moment, it's a good enough but not great specimen of that most "romantic" of male-oriented genres, the medieval "Aventiure". You’re told basically the same story three times over, it’s always about some fallen damsel in distress and the hard, lonely knight who has to save her somehow from the dragon. And the more dark and corrupt the environment of our heroes the better, since the hero's beat-up soul shines all the brighter for it. And that’s basically what the Sin City ambience comes down to, a foil for scarred male souls to contrast favorably against. Plus, the medieval action reduces the futurist setting to pure facade. I missed some real street life in that city, instead of just hard-boiled decoration. Even though some of them distressed damsels are very impressive indeed, and watching Mrs. Alba in particular felt like being constantly clobbered over the head with a gold dust bullion, I would have prefered another, more ugly and shady story in the same world; a life in the day of a corrupt lawyer or something, somebody who really has no eroticized idealism and spiritual shining armour to keep the filth away.

By the way, is it just me, or did the yellow
guy remind everyone else of the bush, too?


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