Stefan Höltgen auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse

Zugegeben: Wirklich mit Film hat das nur wenig zu tun. Aber nun gut: Labtop- und Digicambewehrt macht Jump-Cut-Mitarbeiter Stefan Höltgen gerade die Frankfurter Buchmesse unsicher. In Wort und Bild dokumentiert auf seinem Weblog.


Countdown zu 2046: Plakate

Auf 2046 von Wong Kar-Wei freuen wir uns natürlich ganz besonders. Zum Anfixen hier die Hongkong-Plakate zum Film. Wunderschön!

Und zum weiter Vorfreuen hier die 2046-Sektion auf monkeypeaches.com.

The Seven Swords - der neue Tsui Hark

Vom Meister des asiatischen Genrekinos, Tsui Hark (Jump Cut), hat man auch schon längere Zeit nichts mehr gehört. Ungewöhnlich für einen eigentlich, der seine Filme, so wird es kolportiert, nicht selten auf Speed dreht.

Wie man nun auf hkentreview.com freudig lesen darf, haben am 01. September die Dreharbeiten zu Tsui Harks neuestem Film, The Seven Swords, begonnen. Wie der Name schon impliziert handelt es sich dabei um ein "martial arts wuxia epic".

Zum Film:

Adapted from renowned writer Liang Yu-Shen timeless classic, SEVEN SWORDS tells the story of seven unlikely heroes gathered together to save a village from the massacre of a general that is seeking a fortune through killing. In the early 1600, the long ruling Ming Dynasty has been overthrown, and the Manchurian invaders from the north have taken over the sovereignty, beginning what is known as the Ching Dynasty, and a highly oppressive reign thus begins. In order to prevent rebels developing revolutionary plots, the newly set-up government immediately imposes a ruthless emergency martial law, ordering all martial art practitioners to turn in their weapons to district officials. Those who fail to do so will be considered committing a serious crime and would result to immediate execution. But soon enough, people would discover that even if they were to obey the law and turn in their weapon, their fate is equally in dire. Wind Fire, a surrendered military official from the previous dynasty, sees this as an opportunity to make a fortune for himself by helping to execute the new law. After endless massacres, Wind Fire next goal is to attack the final frontier, the village of Bowei Fortress.

Fu Qingzhu, a retired executioner from the previous dynasty feels the need to put a stop to this brutality and sets out to save Bowei Fortress. He brings Wu Yuanyin and Han Zhiban from the village with him to Mount Heaven to seek help from Master Shadow-Glow, a hermit who is a master of swords and leads a group of disciples of great swordsmanship. Master Shadow-Glow agrees to help, and orders four of his best disciples to go. Together with Chu Zhaonan, Yang Yunchong, Mulong, and Xin Longzi, SEVEN SWORDS is formed. Fu Qingzhu takes the lead and they set out to save the people of Bowei Fortress. As they take the entire village leading them to the road of a safer place, they begin to encounter mysterious confusion. Food and water is poisoned, and trails of escape are marked with signs leading the enemy to them. They soon realize that there is an undercover spy amongst them, and SEVEN SWORDS must identify him/her before Wind Fire army gets to them

John Woo inszeniert Masters of the Universe

Bei der Macht von Grayskull - John Woo (Jump Cut), so eine Meldung auf comingsoon.net, inszeniert in Bälde eine Neuauflage von Masters of the Universe. Wir erinnern uns: Die 80er Version des Stoffes ging gepflegt in die Binsen, hat aber aus Trashgründen einige redeeming values. Mal schauen, wie Woo seine Tauben auf Eternia fliegen lässt!