Kieslowski: Dekalog

Was Sie schon immer über Kieslowskis "Dekalog" wissen wollten. Oder all das, wovon Sie gar nicht wussten, dass Sie es wissen wollten. Erfahren Sie in Joseph G. Kickasolas Text über die zehn Filme, genauer gesagt: vor allem über den zweiten, denn das ganze ist ein Auszug aus einem Buch über Kieslowski, in dem dann der ganze Rest nachzulesen ist. Exklusiv bei metaphilm. Hier zum Reinschmecken:

Within this context of community, a strained cohabitation that Kieślowski will probe for true human connections, the themes of home and family persist in every episode. A child is lost in I, gained in II. A family is tested and threatened in III, while the very definition of family is questioned in IV. V demonstrates the devastation of losing a family member, whereas VI demonstrates the effects of not having a family. VII involves the intrafamilial struggle over a child, and VIII involves a young girl in need of parental protection. IX exhibits the delicacy of bond between spouses, and X exhibits the delicacy, and necessity, of bonds between siblings. The home is where we receive our first sense of identity and learn how to relate to others. In this fragile, personal arena Kieślowski confronts us with the heaviest issues in human experience.


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