Neuer Film über Deng Xiaoping

Regisseur Li Xiepu präsentierte jüngst seinen Film Deng Xiaoping 1928 dem Publikum. Xinhua Online berichtet.

"The new film "Deng Xiaoping 1928" explores the life of the great man as a 24-year-old who has returned from France, full of ideas and ideals. During this time Deng was the general secretary in the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party -- then an underground organization. It's a period in Chinese history known as "white terror" when the Kuomintang regime did all it could to suppress the party. Li says the year of 1928 provides all the ingredients for a dramatic story full of suspense. "Deng's work was very important and he faced danger just trying to keep the committee going," says Li. "Traitors were everywhere. It was hard enough finding a safe place for them to meet, let alone conveying orders to members out of town -- but he did it."


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