Interview mit Johnnie To

Das malaysianische Magazin Star Online hat sich mit Johnnie To über dessen neuen Film Breaking News unterhalten, der im Wettbewerb von Cannes zu sehen war. Wie stets zeigt sich To ambitioniert, neue Wege in der Auflösung konventioneller Genre-Stoffe zu beschreiten:

“Breaking News is a police action film with a new spin. Hong Kong has had a long tradition of great action cinema, and my goal was to do something different. This is why I emphasised the issue of media manipulation. I believe this is something the police is much involved in these days, unlike in the past when they were only concerned with nailing the bad guys,” stated To.

Interessant wird wohl eine 7minütige Sequenz ausfallen, die einige Probleme mit sich brachte:

The movie has the Hong Kong film industry people all agog with its breakthrough filming style that involves a seven-minute-long take on one particular scene, that of a police operation. The ambitious To felt that this approach would set the tone of the movie and vividly capture on screen the realism of a police operation. However, finding the right man to do the job proved harder than he thought.

Eine hiesige Kinoauswertung bleibt zu erhoffen.


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