Koreanisches Kino

Doug Cummings von filmjourney freut sich über die Blüte des koreanischen Kinos. Und er hat den Vergleich: den Sommer 1995 verbrachte er in Südkorea und abgesehen von Hollywood-Filmen war weit und breit nichts in Sicht. Genauer beschreibt er in seinem Blog-Eintrag Jeong Jae-euns sehr schönen Film "Take Care of My Cat" (hier unsere Kritik):

It's a breezy portrait of five young women who recently graduated from high school and now face various individual challenges while hoping to maintain their group bond. "There have been no movies in the past that have depicted well how young Korean women think, how they play and what they worry about," Jeong said when the movie was released. "I hope that this film can give audiences a sense of what young Korean women are like and how beautiful they are."


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