Outlook India: Dev

Outlook India stellt heute Govind Nihalanis neuesten Film "Dev" vor:

By looking at the way majority communalism has crept into our constitutional institutions, corrupting them with ideological hardliners and rendering them incapable of rising to their calling, Dev makes a hard-hitting statement about the India we encounter. It’s about ‘us’ versus ‘them’, Hindus and Muslims, mainstream and isolated, ‘natural’ citizens and second-class citizens.

In der Hauptrolle Amitabh Bachchan, mit dem es ein kurzes Interview gibt und Antworten darauf sucht, warum der Film kein durchschlagender Erfolg ist:

But there never has been a film on the politicisation of the police. Another criticism is that it’s too verbose. But how do you get across ideas in an issue-based film if not through dialogue? I’m asked where all that wonderful dialogue of the ’60s and ’70s went; when we have a dialogue-driven film they say it’s too wordy...

[via Perlentaucher Magazinrundschau]


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