Gallo Adoration (Forts.)

Wieder, schon wieder ein großartiges Interview mit Vincent Gallo, bei Moviecitynews. Und, nein, wir werden nicht aufhören mit dieser Gallo-Linkerei. Hier ein kurzer Ausschnitt aus einem langen Interview. Das übrigens großartig ist:

"I know a lot about cinema now. Look, I'm a guy who's made only two films, you go to a laboratory with me, there's no filmmaker that knows the lab, the soup, I know about the soup, the soup is the formula that film's processed in, I know more about the soup than most people who work in a lab because if you understand, if you're really interested in every single thing, there's things to know. There's the mainstream's hearsay perception of what is good or what they've heard is best and then there's the fanatics who know different."

Ah, noch ein Ausschnitt, ein kurzer, aus einem langen Interview. Einem großartigen Interview:

"People accuse me, y'know, they are sort of down on me politically all the time because they know I'm not a liberal. But what I really am is an elitist. I just like the discussion on the highest level, whatever it is. I like conflict. I just like the dialogue of conflict on the highest level. The most reasonable men and women talking about things in the most profound, complex ways, not having to talk about them on a pedestrian level all the time."


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