Rosenbaum & Co

Bei Film-Philosophy rezensiert Robert Koehler drei von Jonathan Rosenbaum verfasste bzw. herausgegebene Bände, die aus der Kritik des Mainstreams in Filmkritik und Filmwissenschaft ein neues Programm ableiten, des Kritikers als "Passeur":

And yet, the project formed by these books is even more complex, for its founding father isn't actually Rosenbaum, but the late, great critic Serge Daney. This is not merely because _Movie Mutations_ is dedicated to Daney (along with critic Raymond Durgnat, who died just before publication), but because Daney's globe-trotting spirit and interest in critical communities informs this 'trilogy's' overall span. _Movie Mutations_ is forested with dialogues, a form fostered by Daney in many forums, including the French film journal he co-founded, _Trafic_, which agreed to publish the first round of letters between Rosenbaum, Martin, Kent Jones, Nicole Brenez, Alex Horwath, and Raymond Bellour that launched the 'Mutations' project. One of the dialogues, between Martin and the brilliant theorist-academic James Naremore, pursues a critique of the deep-seated problems in film studies programs, but enmeshed in this is Martin's observation of Daney's vision of 'the ideal model of a critic as a *passeur*, one who crosses different worlds and tries to build connecting bridges between them' (129).

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