Gute Nachrichten vom vielleicht aufregendsten Hollywood-Projekt dieses Jahres, Richard Linklaters Real-Animations-Verfilmung (im Waking-Life-Stil) von Philip K. Dicks Paranoia-Roman A Scanner Darkly. Drehbuchberater Eric Davis schreibt:

"This spring, I had the opportunity to read and consult on Richard Linklater’s screenplay for Philip K. Dick’s A Scanner Darkly, which is set to start filming this July. As I love many of Linklater’s films, this was a great honor, although much less funny than the New Yorker’s description of me as a 'Dick expert.' Expert or no, I can tell you that I have every reason to believe that Linklater’s film will be what Dickheads everywhere have been waiting for: the first 'real' 'authentic' PKD movie. While the film updates the historical vibe from paranoid 70s to paranoid 00s, the script is dark and tart, funny and faithful. Nearly all the dialogue is drawn from the novel, and the few changes sharpen Dick’s themes rather than squelch them. Linklater has kept the story dark, and haunted by rumors of God."

[via Greencine Daily]


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