Miramax kauft "Fahrenheit 9/11"

Unter dem Titel Deal Reached for Moore Film Rights schreibt die NYT, daß Miramax nun die Rechte an Michael Moores "Fahrenheit 9/11" vom Mutterkonzern Disney erworben hat:

Under the deal worked out with Disney, the Weinsteins [Bob und Harvey, die Vorstandsvorsitzenden von Miramax] will reimburse Disney for the $6 million production cost of "Fahrenheit 9/11." Miramax and Disney also agreed to donate any "monetary benefit" from the deal to charity, according to a joint statement.

Disney did not want the Weinsteins to benefit financially from controversy that arose over the film, according to executives close to the deal. They calculated a sum that the film might have garnered from distributors before questions arose about the film's distribution, and agreed that the differential would go to charity, the executives said. The charity was not disclosed.


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