Neues Buch: Abel Ferrara - The Moral Vision

In Großbritannien neu bei Fabpress, dem Fachverlag für etwas abseitige Filmliteratur: Abel Ferrara: The Moral Vision von Brad Stevens (u.a. Sight and Sound), mit einem Vorwort des New Yorker enfant terrible persönlich.

"With chapters devoted to every film, television episode and music video - including accounts of the director's early shorts and his pseudonymous debut 9 Lives of a Wet Pussy - Abel Ferrara: The Moral Vision uses expert analysis to support Stevens's contention that Ferrara is among the most important cultural figures of our time.

The book includes a wealth of biographical information based on interviews with Ferrara and his most important collaborators, such as Joe Delia, Francis Delia, Ken Kelsch, Douglas Metrov and Asia Argento. It also contains a thoroughly researched filmography, notes on variant versions of Ferrara's films, a bibliography and a section dealing with unrealized projects."

Das Buch erscheint sowohl gebunden als auch in einer Softcover Edition. Hier die Vorbestellmöglichkeit bei amazon.


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