Onion: Meet the Peebles

Im Magazin The Onion, das im Außenteil ein gar nicht übles Satiremagazin ist ("Reagan's Body Dies"), ist im Inneren ein völlig seriöses Kulturmagazin mit Filmschwerpunkt. Am bekanntesten das stets sehr ausführliche Interview - diesmal mit Vater und Sohn van Peebles, anlässlich des Spielfilms, den der Sohn Mario über die Entstehungsumstände des berühmten, das Blaxploitation-Kino begründenden Hits seines Vaters Melvin, Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song gedreht hat. Melvin van Peebles erzählt:

One of the union guys who was risking his skin by working for me called me and said, "Sir, we have a problem. I don't know what went wrong with my soundman, my sound machine or something, but all of yesterday's shoot, we have to do over again. I can't understand what the guy is saying. I tried to slow it down, I tried to speed it up." So the guy comes over to me... This is a guy who's already on my team who's making this big risk, so there was no question of arrogance or hubris or anything else. But the scene was where Beetle was coming out of the toilet and going, "Yo, bro, we gotta chop the scopes." He didn't understand what the guy was saying, so he assumed that the machinery was broken. It never dawned on him that he was talking English, because why couldn't he understand it if it was in English?


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