Shanghai International Film Festival

"The Seventh Shanghai International Film Festival kicked off on Saturday night with confusion and disappointment." weiter

"Sixteen films, nine from Europe and seven from Asia, are expected to impress the judges for the Jin Jue Award. Another 10 new films from Asia will vie for the title of Asian New Talent Award during the festival." weiter

"``Hands in the Hair,'' which will wrap soon, combs out the rise and fall of the life of a Shanghai woman through a pair of handsome hairdressers' hands. The film is adapted from local writer Tang Ying's popular novel ``Hong Yan'' (``Red Face''), well-known for ``putting Shanghai women and Shanghainese life under a microscope.'' Last year, the same director, Jiang Cheng, put this novel on stage." weiter

"Peng Xiaolian's semi-autobiographical movie, the only locally directed film at the Shanghai International Film Festival, uses the family house to tell of the lives of a wealthy Shanghai family through the turbulent mid-1960s to modern times, writes Michelle Qiao

The Shanghai International Film Festival, which begins today, features only one Shanghai film director -- but what a director. Peng Xiaolian's touching film ``Shanghai Story,'' which will be screened during the festival, comes from the true-life experience of this legendary author/director."


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