Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation

Bei einer IMDB-Bewertung von 3.9 ist die ernsthafte Möglichkeit gegeben, dass es sich beim fürs US-Fernsehen produzierten Starship-Troopers-Sequel nicht gerade um ein Meistwerk handelt. Den Kollegen bei Greencine ist das freilich egal. Jonathan Marlow hat ein Interview mit dem Regisseur (und hauptberuflichen Stop-Motion-Special-Effect-Designer) Phil Tippett geführt und unter anderem dies erfahren:

Actually, to backtrack even further, I worked with Jon Davison in the mid-1970s on a couple Roger Corman pictures, one of which was Piranha. I did some stop motion work on it. Jon is a huge movie fan and loves stop motion work. We've been trying to make movies together for a long time. He was really the one that got some interest at Sony to do a sequel because the original Troopers didn't do well at the box office. We were having trouble floating a number of projects in Hollywood because they were too weird. This turned out to be the project where Jon and Ed Neumeier and I could be reunited. Because the budget was so low, that really was what had driven us to go the conventional horror route. It's the most convenient thing, if you don't have any money and you need to tell a story, it's got to be relegated to the horror gulag. We had to engineer the story to fit the budget.


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