Geoffrey O'Brien über "Fahrenheit 9/11"

Vielleicht ist dies die definitive Rezension von Michael Moores Fahrenheit 9/11, die "Fahrenheit 9/11 review to end all Fahrenheit 9/11 reviews":

Geoffrey O'Brien: Is It All Just a Dream? [New York Review of Books]

This bald synopsis [O'Brien hat die Hauptargumente von Moores Film zusammengefaßt], admittedly the further simplification of a simplification, entirely fails to convey his film's very real power. It does not unfold like a lecture but like the tour of a fun house, a fun house whose mirrors and skewed angles turn out to be a place all too easy to recognize as home. Strangely for so overtly polemical a work, Fahrenheit 9/11 can be seen as a triumph of form over content. What is least persuasive about it is the specifics of its arguments; what is exhilarating and often moving about it has to do above all with the materials, many of them archival and many not seen before, which are enlisted in support of those arguments, materials that linger and expand in the mind in ways that go far beyond the sometimes casually deployed debating points.


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