2 ou 3 choses über Godard

Wie die Parodie eines filmwissenschaftlichen Texts liest sich über weite Strecken Hunter Vaughans Filmjournal-Aufsatz "The Space Between: Reconciliation and Reflection of Subject and Object in Industrial Society and Cinematic Aesthetics (Deux ou Trois Choses que Je Sais d'Elle)". Brav wird am Godard-Film abgehakt, was sich an Theorieversatzstücken daran finden lässt. Ein Geschmackspröbchen:

That is to say, Godard does not merely present the visual representation of the subject, but does so by taking up cinematic subjective positions that reveal the diagetic subject's relationship with everything around her; through this process, the text illuminates the fact that, in relation to language, cinematic expression is in fact closer to parole than langue; in fact, cinema is akin to a series of contextualized speech-acts, taking bits of (possible) reality and combining them through montage to create a self-sufficient system of meaning.

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