Interview mit Jet Li

Aus Anlass des US-Kinostarts von Zhang Yimous Hero (unsere Kritik) auf about.com ein umfangreiches Interview mit Martial Arts Superstar Jet Li.

What was it like working with Zhang Yimou? - He’s one of the most famous directors in China. He made a lot of great films, but a not action films. This is the first action film. Of course, he’s the artist so he asks, he wants something that we never think about that way. Like working with your costar but you can’t see your costar on the set, because he knows shooting the man, the boy in the morning is better because the girl wakes up, put on her face, swallows, it’s not pretty. [If we] wait until sunshine, the light is smoother, the girl is more beautiful. That’s his way, waiting for a few days for one lighting, the lights coming. This is his way. He wanted to dye the hair of 500 horses black. We spent seven days waiting. They changed the color of the horses. So he had a very unique way, angle to see things.


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