Kino in Thailand

Bei Alternet, zuerst bei Pacific News erschienen, bei Greencine entdeckt: Andrew Lam schreibt über den Aufschwung der thailändischen Filmindustrie:

Kittisak says the industry was given a boost when the Thai government decided to actively promote Thailand as an ideal location to shoot a film -- Alexander the Great, starring Colin Farrell, was recently filmed here -- and when it began promoting its international film festival. But Thailand, he says, got into the game late and is trying to catch up. "Korea, for instance, has gotten government backing for its film industry for a long time now. So have the French. And that really helps their artists."

Und Cannes-Jury-Preis-Gewinner Apichatpong Weerasethakul, gewiss kein Mann der Industrie, kommt auch drin vor:

But personal vision is what makes Thailand stand out. And with the Cannes Jury Prize in Apichatpong's pocket, his film has not only traveled well, but also officially announced the Thai film industry's coming of age.


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