Brooklyn Rail: Film

Im exzellenten Brooklyner Stadtteilmagazin Brooklyn Rail:

Theodore Hamm schreibt über einen HBO-Film, von dem die Macher und auch der Rezensent hoffen, dass eine Serie daraus wird: Everyday People.

McKay and George make no secret of their desire for Everyday People to become an HBO series, which is one reason that many of the stories are left unresolved in the end. The stuff of an excellent contemporary series—sharply defined characters facing real dilemmas, in this case of race and urban life—is definitely here. What’s needed is for Ira, the restaurant owner, to become more like Danny Aiello’s Sal in Do the Right Thing. In Brooklyn, sentimentality is usually backed up with a baseball bat.

Im Interview: Jehane Noujaim, die Regisseurin des viel beachteten Dokumentarfilms Control Room über den arabischen Nachrichtensender Al-Jazeera.

I guess the impetus was really that I didn’t want to watch the war from my living room and be throwing things at the TV screen. I definitely wasn’t for the war, but to make a film about the politics of war versus no war, like something Michael Moore would do, it’s something you make if you really feel sure about all those questions. I would say it was a way to find out what was going on for myself, and I wanted to be around people who are very motivated to think about it.


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