The Mind of Alan Moore (2)

[Teil 1]

Ninth Art hat eine erste, brauchbare Rezension von Dez Vylenz' Film über Alan Moore. Die Dokumentation scheint ganz gelungen zu sein. Ein Zitat:

Moore's handling of his celebrity is infamous. He remains in his home town, and does not make much of his status as a big fish in the comics pond. So it was interesting to hear his perspective on the cult of celebrity. Again, I am paraphrasing. "In days gone by, if you were famous, there were probably about a thousand people who knew who you were. Today there's so much information that millions know about celebrities. Celebrity has replaced the ocean as a place for young people to escape to, but at least when young men went to sea, they learned to swim first."

Weitere Links bei "Ninth Art":
- Alan Moore Interview Teil 1 & Teil 2
- A. Moore Werkschau

Obwohl es nichts mit Moore zu tun hat, will ich noch dieses Interview mit Jonathan Lethem erwähnen, daß ich beim Blättern im NA-Archiv entdeckt habe.


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