Butterfly (Hu Die)

Nicht wirklich angetan ist Geoffrey Macnab von Yan Yan Maks Film Hu Die (int.: Butterfly):

"Whereas Wong Kar Wai in 2046 is bold enough to dispense with linear narrative and realist conventions, there is always a sense here that Yan Yan Mak - like her torn heroine Flavia - is in two minds. In its more impressionistic and poetic moments, Butterfly takes wing but it is all too frequently dragged back to ground again by stock characters and situations which seem to have been drawn from some dreary soap opera."

Doch sei der Film ein "well-crafted but painfully earnest lesbian coming-of-age drama", das das Persönliche mit dem Politischen kreuzt: "Using flashback and newsreel footage, it makes constant reference to the protests leading up to the massacre in Tiananmen Square in 1989, when students stood up against the might of the Chinese army."


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