d+kaz, "Primer"

Gibt's seit Jahren, jetzt erst entdeckt: Daniel Kasmans selbstbewusst betitelte Seite mit Filmkritiken "D+Kaz: Intelligent Movie Reviews". Kasman ist Filmstudent der NYU, aktuell gibt es Berichte vom New York Film Festival, ziemlich großartig klingt das low-budget-time-travel move "Primer" von Shane Carruth:

Thus far Primer seems ready to ditch its technical gobbledygook and vague conversations about why the engineers can’t seem to make something useful. But then Abe reveals to Aaron that the device can play with time. And then anarchy breaks loose. The narrative dislodges itself along with the experimenting engineers, but like no time travel movie before. Strictly speaking, the device does not actually allow one to time travel, but loops time so that a person can enter the device at a later point only to exit it at an earlier one.


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