koreanfilm.org zu Pusan

koreanfilm.org mit einem Report vom 9. Filmfestival in Pusan:

For cinephiles living in Korea, the PIFF has become a fixture on the yearly calendar: both something to look forward to, and an event to mark the passage of time, rather like Christmas. Each year, large numbers of filmmakers, journalists, producers, and other members of the international film community descend on the city to gather together, watch new Asian films and to do film-related work. At the same time, crowds of young Koreans with a surprising passion for world cinema fill the streets and theaters, making for a lively, festive atmosphere. Like any big event, PIFF has its share of problems or annoyances, but in general, both guests and regular attendees seem to hold extraordinarily warm feelings for the festival. Mostly I mark this down to mood created by Koreans' intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm, one of the most admirable aspects of its culture.

Nachtrag: Ein Bericht zum Gwangju International Filmfestival hier, glatt übersehen.


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