Landwirt und Regisseur

Ein ausführlicher Artikel bei Shanghai Daily über Regisseur Zhou Yuanqiang, der hauptberuflich Landwirt in der chinesischen Provinz ist und mit einer selbstgekauften DV-Kamera und seinen Nachbarn bereits mehrere TV-Serien gedreht hat.

``Zhou is born to have a thinking way of filming scenes while ordinary people tend to think in the form of literature,'' Zheng adds. ``He watches a TV series in a different way. He only pays attention to the change of pictures and different featured scenes. It's a kind of technological dissection of TV programs. He is a genius with rare spirit and talent.'' ``Zhou's work is a kind of pleasant education and I can feel farmers' sincere joy from heart,'' says postgraduate Hu. ``It's not easy for him to do this work for 12 years without payment. My professor, Su Huizhu, says it's a pity that this cannot spread to other rural areas in China since there's only one genius: director Zhou.'' Zhou confirms this, confiding that he was recently offered a promotion to cultural officer, but he turned it down. ``No matter how high the position is, I'm not interested. I have a deep passion for the farmers. My pleasure all comes from their pleasure,'' says this grass-roots genius.



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