Greencine: Bollywood

Bei Greencine ein Artikel von Priya Lal (den ich allerdings schon mal irgendwo anders gelesen habe) über die ihrer/seiner Ansicht nach überschätzten Chancen Bollywoods, es auch im Westen zu schaffen:

Lately, the buzzword among culture vultures and cinephiles has been that Bollywood is on its way to becoming the "next Hong Kong." In other words, Bollywood will be the next foreign filmic product in America to go from fringe phenomenon and cult treasure to mainstream super-success in suburbia's megaplexes. The record-breaking international reception of 2002's Lagaan largely propelled this prophecy which has yet, nonetheless, to be properly filled. For Lagaan seems to have been the only example of an Indian film that has managed to walk the tightrope between the two sets of expectations outlined above and make it to at least a semblance of commercial and critical success in the US fairly unscathed.


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